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Mutual Fund Fee Only Advisory – Direct Plans

Our services are on a fee only basis which means the revenues are solely derived from clients for services rendered to them. Your fee is our only revenue. We don’t collect commissions on any investments we recommend, allowing us to offer truly independent and unbiased financial advice suited to meet your financial goals.


One may invest in mutual funds with the help of a financial intermediary i.e., a Mutual Fund distributor/agent in a Regular Plan OR choose to INVEST DIRECTLY i.e., without involving or routing the investment through any distributor/agent in a ‘Direct Plan’.

'Direct Plan' and 'Regular Plan’ are both part of the same mutual fund scheme, have the same / common portfolio and are managed by the same fund manager, but have different expense ratios (recurring expenses that is incurred by the mutual fund scheme).

Direct Plan has lower expense ratio than the Regular Plan, as there is no distributor/agent involved, and hence there is saving in terms of distribution cost/commissions paid out to the distributor/agent, which is added back to the returns of the scheme. Hence, a Direct Plan has a separate NAV, which is higher than the normal “Regular” Plan’s NAV. Over the years, the lower expense ratio of Direct Plan translates to higher returns on the investments which keeps compounding over the years. Thus, the investment in Direct Plan would be worth more over a period, in comparison to investment in Regular Plan of the same scheme.

Our systems are completely online making you switch to direct plans and we will help you in tracking your investments completely online along with your other assets which are part of your savings.

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