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Ananya Research Investment Advisors Fund

Key Objective

  • Create a portfolio of sustainable and high-quality stocks, that will generate superior risk adjusted return.
  • Importantly, central to our objective, is the strong thrust on protecting investors’ capital. We do not compromise on this aspect at any cost.


  • We focus on delivering strong & sustainable absolute returns through active oversight of stock performance and weightage balancing; so that eventually, over 3-5 year holding period, thereby generating compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25%+.
  • We will very conservative at the screening stage itself. We will also be blending technical and fundamentals so that we are early in participating the right business and keep high margin of safety. The key financial criteria that are very important for us are 1. Low leverage 2. High return ratios 3. Free cash flow generation 4. Healthy revenue growth outlook 5. Risk Mitigation.
  • The fund aims at achieving wealth accumulation by investing in stocks that offer the best combination of high growth, risk and value. The stock picking is based on investing style(Techno –Funda), which can be value or growth investing.
  • Further ARIA believes in creating relatively concentrated portfolios of 15-18 stocks there by enhancing there are commonly perceived risk even further.
  • ARIA investment approach encompasses the following to mitigate these risk:
  • Conservative entry valuation: A stock is bought only when it is available with the price guardrails assigned by ARIA factoring in valuation reasonability based on historic data as well as future company performance outlook.
  • Low leverage: It is ARIA’s strong belief that high debt in companies is one of the main cause of equity value destruction when business cycle peak out or become adverse. A robust balance sheet helps in preserving value in tough times. ARIA only invests in companies with low leverage or no leverage.
  • Top- down investment thesis building and bottom up stock selection. Business above Min Rs.1000 Crore as market cap will be looked at and reasonable importance while selection will be given for liquidity in case of any adverse situation.
  • Early exit if necessitated (change in risk-reward due to valuations or adverse company/ macro event)

Type : Equity

Min Investment : USD 100k

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